2020 Transition. The Birth of a New Decade

What has 2019 been for you?

For me it has been many things. I’ve learned so much despite all the trials that came with those lessons.

You see the thing is, life gives you the experience needed to enjoy success.

There are many people who are unhappy. In fact, we all feel sad sometimes, but the key to life is controlling your happiness. You have to learn to leave negativity behind you. Despite everything, you have to remain calm and learn to apply yourself to the ideal circumstances needed for your growth and success.

Don’t know how to do so?

Just believe.

Believe in yourself.

Self-belief never fails and will have you achieving the greatness you are more than capable of. You see, the truth is you matter too. You have to realize that. We are always preoccupied with life that we forget to stop and have some fun.

Life is best when lived.

You must never be afraid or doubt your ability to chase that dream. Only then can you enjoy true success. We were all made with a gift. It is your duty to yourself, and to those around you, that you enjoy that gift and let it work on your behalf. When you do so, you take control of your life.

As a Poet it may not always be easy, but you sometimes have to take a look at the heavens and let your imagination run free, sometimes you have to make the dedication to never give up. Important in all of this is remaining humbled by your pen in a literal and figurative sense. Sometimes you just need to start typing or writing and let your thoughts flow. You will notice that all you needed to do was try.

The simple things are blessings.

Don’t ever focus on what went wrong. Focus instead on bettering those wrongs. Make the little changes. Results add up! Stay strong and steadfast. Continue to work on yourself and improve. Take the little steps, don’t be afraid of failing but embrace every new challenge and conquer it.

You survive through it all!

You keep your faith.!

You let your success grow.

You take your time to enjoy life.

And these are your simple blessings.

Always give back to the world.

Always remember to show gratitude. In all you do remain thankful for your gifts and talents. Remain thankful for the ones around you and to the ones around you. Thank yourself for not giving up and making it. Thank yourself who you are and who you are becoming.

Happy 2020 to us all !!!