Article 2

The Great Illusion


Allow me present to you a mirrored image.

That of yourself, that of life.

That of consciousness, in the darkness, true light.

Allow me open your eyes to yourself.

Who you are, your true potential, life is not physical, the experience is mental.

Close your eyes, look now and see, the door to life, open it when you are ready.

Take a step, the darkness does not exist.

There is no one there but you, is that what makes it scary?

Do you feel alone?

Shout, fill the surrounding space with your voice, can anyone hear you?

Walk, each step is a decision, make a choice.

Do you see the path lighting up?

Can you begin to feel the air around you?

Where are you now?

Stretch out your hand, feel the emptiness around you.

Can you still see the door?

Why did you look behind you?

There is nothing there to see, look ahead, be careful where you tread.

Stand firm or the ground will be shaky.

Look again, this great sea.

It is called possibility.

Come on now, go ahead, why are you scared?

Take a step again, what do you see?

Beneath you, your reflection.

Now look up, at the sky, reach it.

Open your eyes to the real world.

Step out of it, regain control.

© Daneille (ThaPoet) Louis

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