Articles of Life



A Poet’s thoughts and ideals on life. This is a series of Articles meant to express his philosophy of life and present the world in a light, idealistic approach.


My aim is to learn the course of life and present it to you in writing. The one who has knowledge is the one who seeks it, To be a man of wisdom it takes great responsibility. One must understand that there is a cause to every action, and that every subsequent action becomes of greater magnitude.

The path you choose will determine your direction. See for yourself the life you believe in. Life is but a visionary’s dream. Seek what makes you happy, pursue the things you love. Life is a journey not a destination. What if I told you that life was easy? Would you believe me? We all struggle with things in life, for some of us it is breaking old habits and for others it is trying to ease the pain away. You can do so today.

Consider this, life is simply a matter of seasons in transition. We go through them daily, with each passing day we’re taking a step into another season and going further away from one. The cold of the winter must give way to the springs of new beginnings. Time is nothing but the forward movement of life. With time everything changes, nothing remains the same. Anyone who understands this will understand life and be blessed with success.

American author Earl Nightingale famously wrote ” Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal..” Always know what you want from life and work on that.

With this I conclude Article 1 of Life. The following Articles may not come in any particular order but each article will be unique in it’s own way yet serve to educate.


Thank you,