Emotion Of Soul

Emotion of Soul

Good mornings, sweet dawns, of seeds sown in an earthly world

Made to sprout, oh what natural growth, such a beauty sprung

Of fields barren, gently watered into the eternal sunshine

A beacon of hope, to all man providing life, a guiding light

Take me into your warm embrace, show me that love of such nature can be found.

And when the morning is all but dew, refresh my body, sing me enchanting songs

Mystify my soul, expose your truths to me and awaken me to the sound of your love

If surely all who look shall find, reveal to me the mystery of this heart’s rhymes

Take me within, teach me the art of expression, free my mind

Open up your world to me, complete me, let us become gestalt for I long to be one.


©Daneille Louis

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