Is it just the beginning of a true-life story? Or is it the story of a journey? Life can be many things including what you make it. We as individuals have great power and potential to do as we please in life. Why not Love?

Love from my perspective makes the world go around. We are all connected in a very special way, love is what binds us all. Loving is not something reserved for the selected few. Love is a very beautiful creation. Love can be seen in so many lights and the doors open through love are of everlasting abundance. Love is special in a way you’ll receive what you give almost instantaneously at times. Love is unconditional and will always be there. The very fact that we don’t need to be loved by someone else to feel loved shows us that love exists.

I’ve always thought the best love is the love that comes from within. It is the one true love that defines how you feel and express all other forms of love. I call it self-love and believe that it is the most important type of love there is. Without self-love no other love is possible. How can I love if I’ve never really felt loved? Why are we sometimes afraid to love ourselves for who we truly are? Often when we ask ourselves such questions, we have so many reasons to do so but we don’t. We have so much in common although we are all different in many ways, we as individuals are each special. We all know who we are. Self-love makes us who we are. It makes us all unque.

I am a strong believer of intimacy and love. I believe that love was created to be shared and enjoyed. I believe in a love where just two people are involved. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic if this is the kind of love I dream about, but the love between two people is something worth experiencing. Such love is more than a feeling, it is a love of understanding and compassion more intimate than any other. A love where two become one as their bodies and souls come into a complete union is something many people only dream about. The love of fairy tales, and that’s okay. You see, I believe in a Romeo and Juliet kind of love, and of course, I believe in saying how you feel before it’s too late. The thing is most people don’t experience that love because they’re too scared to. Sometimes we as humans tend to let our minds take control of us not considering how we feel. Why be afraid of love when we were created from love. The love between two people is something very special and can’t be measured. Notice how quickly times passes by when you’re with your favourite person, hours seem like mere minutes needless to say minutes are but seconds. If the gift of such a love, a true love, can exist, why not take the risk when such love holds a promise of forever.

Love is so beautiful that it connects us all. It brings us together. Love is universal and bares a power that we all possess. That is the message legendary Bob Marley spread all over, he felt the love and wanted it shared, he believed in one love, peace and unity. I believe so too. If we love each other we can make the world a better place. We all come together to celebrate good times, we all come together to grieve, we all go through life together. Why not learn to love each other. Teamwork always makes the dream works. Together we can make anything happen. All we need is to always love each other, to help each other out, to be loyal to the ones we love.

Love is the true definition of life. Without Love, there is no Life. A life filled with love is everlasting life; for love never dies. The greatest life you could ever live is a life full of love, just keep on doing what makes you happy and we’ll all be happy. We each share a special love and together that’s the greatest love there will ever be.