The Greatest Gift Of All; A Mother

Perhaps the most beautiful of Angels, mothers are the definition of true love. Always a source of inspiration, mothers are the ones who introduced us to the worlds. They carried us on their shoulders for years. They provided us with the love we so badly desired, the made us feel what it truly means to be loved. Teaching us how to be understood by first understanding us, and when it seemed like they didn’t they’d still wait to hold us back. Mother’s have been more than just nurturer’s and teachers to us, but they’ve been a solid foundation in our lives helping us become who we are. In every step of our lives, mothers have taught us how to be strong, how to be brave, they’re the ones who’ve always believed in us.

I know that sometimes we may feel like they just don’t care about us or think they may know it all, there’s no doubting the love and connection we share. As gentle as a doe to her fawns, a mothers someone we all hold dear. They make us feel better when we’re down, they even sometimes bear the pain. A mother is the most divine of gifts, a mother is like sunshine in a storm, a provider of peace. Without them where would we be.

And though sometimes they may have their limitations, or not always show they’re there, losing you could be their biggest fear. I believe that sometimes we should just check on them, see if they’re okay. After a day’s work, say “hey mom, how are you? How was your day?” Mothers often bear many burdens, mothers sometimes are the bearers of the greatest pain. We need to show them that we love them. We need to let them know that we’re here. Many times we may not notice, but our mothers are our source of encouragement. They help us get through the difficult times. The compassion they show towards help us learn what’s life’s about. The timeless lessons that they’ve taught us, both by example and holding us accountable for our actions, mothers have constantly been trying to show us the way.

With mothers, we all share a special connection, a connection that began from our very inception. Mothers are our source of life, in our darkest times they’ve been our guiding light. They’ve protected us and made us strong, they’ve given us the power to take the world on. Mothers are a true source of inspiration, they’ve shown us that all it takes is time once we’ve got the dedication. They’ve taught us how to endure until the end. Mothers have always been our one true friend.


A Mother, our one True Friend.

Daneille (ThaPoet) Louis

Dedicated to All Mothers.