The Purple Rose

There will come a time, where I like death shall be no more,

A time of grief, but there shall be no loss.

Do not look for me among the bushes, do not seek my thorns,

For the skies shall be opened, the heavens shall pour.

Let my petals travel freely to the beautiful Amor,

Do not miss me for I shall be in my lover’s arms,

Where I belong;

The Nightingale shall sing his song,

And you shall see me not for who I was or who I was meant to be,

You shall see me for who I am, you shall see my legacy;

For I stroll with time, and along our course we do not run,

They say surely nothing lasts, that has been kissed by the sun.

But set my memories to sea, with the tides of freedom I shall move along,

And when the sun has set, prepare for the dawn;

For there shall come a time where I like death; shall be no more.

©Daneille (ThaPoet) Louis

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