To The Man That Used To Be

I remember, in you I saw a reflection,

Was it of light, surely all that had ever been was darkness

From melted candles, flames dimmed of satisfaction,

I remember a man that used to be, there is no more such a man,

For he has gone to rest.

Bereaved of his soul, left not to mourn but to be pleased

For in death of one, becomes another.

And in the life of such another, there lives a man,

Valiant, he has accepted that you are no more

He is a man at peace, you have taught him all you can

Your life has been his ultimate test.

You have learned through great adversity, now you teach,

Though gone, a journey unforgotten,

You’ve taught me that life will try to fight me when I’m at my best.

I understand now the truths of life that lay hidden in plain sight

I saw you search, oh what a treasure you did find, knowledge

Along with strength, willingness, by virtue you taught me courage,

You taught me how to fight.

But of all things this is what you gave to me,

Your memory, you showed me your vision, the essence of time and continuation

You said in all things be patient, be free, lack no imagination.

Now I sit here reminiscent, oh how I thank you, for being such a teacher to me

Thank you for being that man, that made you into me.

©Daneille Louis

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