Top 5 Online Book Reading Apps and Platforms

There was a time when we used to go to libraries to find relevant books  related to either our course work or to simply enhance our reading habits and get knowledge about various things.

However, the shift to the digital world has had an impact on every type of consumers/reader and their habits. People are more dependent on virtual facilities rather using traditional ways. E-books and various reading applications on our smartphones are gradually taking over the place of libraries. Although libraries are still considered as an important element in our society, the digital world has simplified lives in many aspects, resulting in people being more into reading books on mobile applications rather than purchasing or borrowing from libraries and stores.

Here is a list  5 online reading applications and platforms which book lovers opt to read books from.

(Links to each are also included in this list)

1.  Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle is known to be the best and leading book application that turns your phone, tablet and pc into a library full of books. It connects you to the community of book lovers having same taste of reading like yours. Discover and discuss the good books with readers and you can also share the experience and current status of your reading. It’s considered to be the cheapest book reading and purchasing platform all across the globe.  Free to download the app, you can purchase magazines, books, newspapers, and researches at reasonable rates. The built-in dictionary with fancy features such as high contrast screen, bookmarks, annotations, access link to twitter and Facebook, and much more makes it the most popular e-book reader app.

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2. Scribd

Similar to kindle in its functionality, you can enjoy an unlimited number of audiobooks, eBooks, magazines, academic journals, and much more. It’s known to be the Netflix of books because you can access almost every book and documents in an unlimited amount. Over 500000 books collection of around 9000 publishers, Scribd offers a 30 day free trial to its customers and book lovers to read any book of their own choice.

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3.  FBReader

FBReader makes the eBook reading experience all the more simple and fascinating. With an integrated translator for 5 languages like English, French, German, Ukrainian, and Russian. It also offers fancy customizable color fonts, 3D page turn animations, text to speech, bookmarks, and much more. This application also acts as a gateway to discover and download the eBooks all across the virtual bookstores and websites on the internet. A really great resource if you ask me.

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4. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is a free download app offering a wide range of eBooks with ten themes, gesture control, auto-scrolling, and much more to enhance your reading with great pleasure. Moon+ reader offers you reading pleasure by providing control over display settings. This app may help you in reading fast, as it shows your reading progress side by side. Free download app offering a wide range of eBooks with ten themes, gesture control, auto-scrolling, and much more to enhance your reading with great pleasure. Moon+ Reader can be used  as a PDF reader and EBook reader. This amazing app can also open documents, magazines, newspapers etc. Moon+ Reader is truly an all in one when it comes to digital reading.

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5. Nook

 Another competitor on the list of top eBook readers’ app is Nook.  Free application download offers support to every type of reading format from academic journals to magazines, books to newspapers. Since the Nook application is associated with Barnes and Noble, so you cannot directly purchase the book from this store rather, the externally purchased book can be added and read on the Nook application by buyers. Fancy features such as article view, zoom view, talkback, the parental mode for kids, and many others make it among top rated eBooks readers apps on the smartphone.

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Thanks for reading. I hope this was a helpful article. Happy Reading!!