Reasons Why People Write Poetry

Why do we write??

As humans there are many things which move or motivate us to do the things we do whether it be willing or even by force. They can be simple factors or sometimes the combination of factors.

Let’s say that you were looking to make money perhaps, you would have reasons for wanting to make that money. It could be as simple as you just wanting to be able to afford that new outfit, buy that special someone a gift, or it may be that you have bills to pay. Sometimes it may be a combination of all three.

So why do people write? Why does the common guy spend his time seated at a table, coffee shop or lay in the comfort of his bed and put a few words together and call it poetry? Why does this girl distance herself from the world only to be left alone with her thoughts and words? In this article, I will be discussing a few of those reasons in the hopes of helping you gain a better understanding of why people write, specifically why people write poetry.


To Inform

Yes, to inform. Many people don’t know this, but poetry is sometimes written as a way of educating others on a particular subject matter. Some poems may be written to inform on the negative effects of green house gasses on the environment perhaps. Let’s take a look at short example below.






As short as it is, I know that you’ll agree with me that this Save Earth poem offers some degree of educational purpose. It highlights malpractices on our part and teaches us about the daunting effects on our greater environment.


For Venting Purposes

I personally have had some terrible days and days when I’ve felt so overwhelmed. I’m sure you have as well. Sometimes the worst part about it is not knowing who to trust with certain things. Although some of us have bestfriends who we may often confide in, there are things that are so personal or embarrassing that we dare not let it be known to others. That is where poetry comes in.

Poetry can be uses to express one uttermost and deepest pains. By writing poetry you are able to creatively express your feelings, even masking the issues while you vent to someone you trust, yourself. Consider the poem below,



In this example the writer doesn’t speak specifically about what is affecting him, but instead through written lines (Poetry), seeks a way out. Such poetry can be found in various other forms.


To Impress Someone Special

I’m sure that we’ve all wanted to impress that special someone and not know how to do so. We sometimes spend hours searching for gifts that will mean to them as much as they mean to us. Some use poetry to do just that. Many people appreciate a good poem. Love poems in particular are very common as they express one’s feelings in a very creative and sweet foreplay of words.

A well written love poem is enough to often move your significant other to tears as it connects the hearts and souls of two people in love. Here’s an example of a Poem written with the intent of wooing that special someone.

Sonnet XVIII – William Shakespeare


Love/Passion for Poetry

I’ll actually make this one the last of my reasons why people write poetry.

Why? Because this is really the main reason why people write poems. All other reasons stems from this one. When we love someone or something we usually dedicate a lot of our lives to it. We constantly do our best to ensure that our world revolves around it, poetry is no different to those who love it.

I honestly love poetry and believe that poetry connects us to many worlds and realities. The best part about it is that each of these realities are always a fingertip away, a word away, one poem away. No matter what mood a poetry writer may be in, there’s always room for poetry and it may be in the simplest of forms.



I really hope you got the answers you were looking for as to why people write poems and poetry. It really comes down to many factors some of which I did not mention such as writing as part of one’s job. The thing about writing poetry is that although there may be many reasons for doing so, it always comes down to someones love for poetry.