Writing a Work of Art – A Simple Guide

What is writing?

Writing is really a work of art. The thing about art is that it portrays itself in a manner which allows it’s audience to acknowledge an intended perfection through the use of sometimes imperfect illustrations from the artists.

Earning trust and catching the reader’s attention.

How wilI you do so?

Recognizing that you would need to stimulate your audience’s desire to engage in the reading of your content by having a better understanding of who they are.

Understanding that they need to relate to the idea or ideas that you want to bring out, and therefore select an appropriate medium and make use of jargon, or words that you are comfortable with.

Your audience will continue to read once their attention is caught. They trust that your writing is of a particular standard and that whatever you wrote and continue to write will be worth the read.

This allows your audience to be confident in you which in turn boosts your confidence as a writer.

Choosing a style and communicating your message.

Over the course of history, some of the most abstract pieces have been praised due to their uniqueness or individuality. As a writer, you must be able craft your words in a simplistic manner allowing it to be both clear and evocative.

This is achieved by determining your purpose for each piece. While writing, you have to know what messages or ideas you are going to bring out in your work. Let us say you want to tell someone about something or teach them something new through the use of writing. You’d need to writing in a manner that is both simplistic and informative. Take for example the following sentence.

“ThaPoet.com is a website dedicated to writing and poetry. The goal of this site is to provide young poets and writers alike with a complete figurative home. A home of poetry.”

As we can see from this sentence, we get an idea of the site ThaPoet.com is all about. A brief description aided with the goal of the site written in as little as two lines. It is both informative and fairly simple.

Review and Edit

One of the last steps all writers take is reviewing. In order to ensure that your work of art is complete you must ensure that it has fulfilled your purpose for it. You must ensure that your message remains clear and fluent and contains the necessary grammar and punctuation.

No first draft is ever perfect except on rare occasions. Even on those days you might still find a way you could’ve said something better, brought out a point more or even simplified your writing. Sometimes you might find many missing punctuation marks but that’s okay. Each time you go back to your work and examine it, you give yourself and your audience a chance of a better written, more quality piece of writing.


As writers, we sometimes take hours, days, weeks or even years to complete some of our work. Why not enjoy them. As a writer you need to be able to read what you’ve written and feel proud of it. Nothing beats the sense of pride achieved when reading your own work.

You have to acknowledge the fact that your writing is indeed unique and is a true reflection of your purpose and that you are truly satisfied with it. You must love your writing because it is not only yours, but it is a work of art. A literary masterpiece.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,